International carriage

International full truck transportation services are provided by means of vehicles of subcontractors. This flexible business model allows for easy adjustment of the potential needs of clients and the volume of orders. With practical and theoretical knowledge in this sector, we can offer unique solutions and guarantee their stability. 

Our vehicle fleet includes mega and standard trailers designed for neutral and dangerous (ADR) freight. Trailers complying with DIN EN 12642 code XL enhances the safety of transported goods, including valuables. 

We provide services throughout Europe, both international carriage and cabotage. Due to application of innovative solutions such as vehicle fleet management, we are able to improve transportation flows and optimize procedures and costs. 

Freight transportation in the European Union has increased, while Lithuania positively stands out in the general context of the Old Continent. Within one year, the amount of goods and materials transported by road in Lithuania increased by as much as 7%. The figures of the four-year period are staggering, with transportation by road jumping by almost 50%. This includes the volume of freight transported both nationally and internationally. According to the Statistical Office of the European Community EUROSTAT, the latter accounts for more than 80% of the total number of freight carriages. Such results are not surprising – small countries are always trying to find partners abroad, focus on exports and in this way promote economic growth.

Freight transportation directions

The Consisto map of international freight transportation is extensive. The logistics and transport company has expanded its activities widely. International freight transportation is carried out in:

  • Baltic states
  • Europe
  • CIS countries

International freight transportation – security and safety is important

When transporting freight over long distances, it is important to take care of the security of the team and the safety of freight. Consisto ensures the successful delivery of the freight to the specified destination. For maximum safety, vehicles are equipped with a satellite communication system. International freight transportation can take a long time, depending on the destination. Therefore it is important to know the direction of transportation and the location of freight. Carriage on international routes depends on the competence and responsibility of the carrier. The civil liability of each Consisto carrier is insured in accordance with the CMR and TIR conventions. If necessary, the company offers additional freight insurance.

Our team of professionals is ready to advise you on all the issues of customs procedures and offer you the most optimal option.

We can choose vehicles with relevant documents according to all customs requirements of the CIS countries (TIR, CEMT and tripartite/bilateral permits).

Our partners will take care of professional formalization of customs clearance documents both in Lithuania and in the CIS countries.