Customs brokerage services

Customs brokers represent their clients for all purposes. They ensure due, proper and professional preparation of customs clearance and customs duty documentation.

In addition to this, customs brokers provide the following customs services:

  • Representation of clients in declaring their goods for all customs procedures
  • Deferred import duties and taxes on the guarantee
  • Advises on the selection and formalization of various customs clearance procedures
  • Representation of the interests of clients at every stage of provision of customs brokerage services
  • If necessary, freight loading, packing, sorting and storage operations can be also performed.

Customs brokerage is performed in accordance with the requirements set by the government of Lithuania and European Union and other international requirements. Customs brokerage services are required for freight transportation to Lithuania or other member states of the European Union from Russia, other Customs Union countries or the USA. In such cases, required documents must be prepared, and only a customs broker can do that. A customs broker forwards documents to the customs – a public authority that grants goods an access to a free trade area – the member states of the EU.