Storage of food products

The Consisto customs warehouse is well suited to store food products that do not require a cold storage mode.

Warehouse premises maintain the optimal temperature required for storage of FMCG goods. Warehouse premises comply with the mandatory hygiene standards set by state authorities. Warehousing procedures are carried out in accordance with the Rules of Good Practice.

Advantages of UAB Consisto customs warehouse services:

  • State-of-the-art loading machines and qualified personnel allows for simultaneous handling of a large traffic and freight flow
  • Execution of customs documents for entry or exit of freight within one working day
  • Management of the customs warehouse by a separate customs brokerage division
  • Flexible operation schedule (operation on Saturdays, and, on request, the performance of perishable freight clearance procedures on weekends)
  • We feel obliged to customers and carriers. Therefore all loading and warehousing operations are covered by the company’s civil liability insurance, while all stored goods can be additionally insured with freight insurance.
  • A modern warehouse management system guarantees smooth storage of goods;
  • The warehouse management system linked to the customs declaration preparation software eliminates the probability of any accounting error
  •  A fenced and guarded parking lot for trucks, cars and semi-trailers 
  • Safety of stored goods and guarded vehicles is ensured by 24/7 watchpost, a security alarm and a video surveillance system 
  • Manual and mechanized loading (up to 20 t) 
  • Sorting, packing and palletizing of goods, formation of consignments 
  • Labelling, marking and preparation of goods for transportation, distribution or sale 
  • Reporting to customers on the movement operations and the balance of goods